Shop with a discount

We order from our main supplier Essential Trading Ltd once a week, every week. If you can’t see what you’re looking for on our shelves, or just want to save on the cost of your shopping, you can add your own order of whatever you want to our weekly shop order.

Enjoy a coffee while browsing our suppliers catalogue and see the huge number of food, toiletries and cleaning products available for you to order in whatever quantity you like.

To cover our handling costs, we charge 20% to the cost price of your order. You will save 15% – 20% on your groceries.

Let us know if you are in receipt of state benefits and you will only have 10% added to the cost price of your order. All we need to see is a letter, to you of your entitlement to these benefits and (if we don’t know you already!) some form of I.d.

If you are a business or individual running your own catering event or a similar, not for profit business, we only add a 5% mark up to your order.

Come in to place your order