Ordering from the Courtyard – NB use when ordering

All the products we sell at the Courtyard have been put into categories for you to browse. Most of our wholefoods come from Essential Trading in Bristol but we also have local and independent suppliers. Our fruit and vegetables are always sourced from local organic suppliers and a lot of them grown in Devon.

We cannot guarantee that all of our lines are available all the time. This can be due to supply chain shortages, or simply because we have sold out.

You will notice that although we have attempted to put every price in, some are missing.

This is either because we do not have them at the time of stock taking or they are or were unavailable from our suppliers.

You can always put them on your order and if available we will supply them!

We will try to keep the list as up to date as possible.

Occasionally we get special offers which we pass on to our customers; prices can fluctuate.

Make your shopping list from our lists below and e-mail it, preferably as a printable attachment to:

NB we cannot guarantee to have all products available

Baked goods



Cleaning products

Convenience foods

Other suppliers


oil, vinegar, stock & cooking sauces

Dried fruit, nuts & seeds

Fridge & freezer

Herbs & spices

Pulses & beans

New Products

Rice, pasta, cereals & grains

Salt, sugar & syrup sweeteners



savoury & sweet